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Luna f(x) profile

Stage Name : Luna
Birth Name : Park Sun Young
Nicknames : Mirror Princess
Date of Birth : August 12th, 1993
Ethnicity : Korean
Height : 164 cm
Weight: 44kg
Blood Type : A
Language : Korean, Chinese
Casted : 2006
Siblings : Twin Sister, Brother
Me2day : http://me2day.net/fx_luna

Interests other than Music : Acting
Favorite Foods : Strawberries, Chocolate, Cake, Pizza
Favorite Pet : Dog (because she's fond of raising puppies)
Famous Close Friend : IU
Habits : Sleeps late
Can't live without : Mirror
Desktop Wallpaper : f(x) photo
Ideal Partner : Dedicated towards their work, loves music and knows how to value it, appearance like Takuya Kimura Fashion style and has a job like me
If she had a superpower: Healing (to help people that get sick or hurt)
Role Models : Lee Junghyun, Boa, Whitney Houston, Brown Eyed Soul
Idol : Kim Hye Ran
Favorite Song : Whitney Houston's "One Moment in Time", Brown Eyed Soul's "Live Well" and Classical Genre
Wants to meet : Chaeyeon
Stress Reliever : Chatting with My Friend
In her bag : Music sheets and her diary
Most attractive f(x) member : Sulli for her pure, smiling image.
Usual Apparel : Big box t-shirts and baggy pants
Whole family is musically inclined.

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fun fact:
She is a Christian
Her whole family is musically inclined
Casted after dancing on 'Truth Game' (SBS) in 2006
She sang in 'Get Down' by SHINee! (background sounds)
Duetted with SHINee's Onew - Beauty and the Beast on KJE's Chocolate Talk Show
She earned the nickname 'Wave Girl' due to the waves she did on Truth Game.
SHINee's Taemin said that the waves she did on the show were EXTREME.
Duet with Krystal - You're My Destiny
Duet with Krystal - Calling Out (Cinderella's Sister OST)
Sang with Krystal and Amber - Spread It's Wings (God Of Study OST)
She was shocked when she first saw Amber.
She had thought Amber was a guy because not only did Amber look boyish, but she was boyish in her everyday life too!
In the CF for 'Auction', she was supposed to show off the bag. (f(x) did funny dances!)
Her theme colour for their Cosmopolitan photo shoot is natural nude.
She was nicknamed 'Mirror Princess' by the other f(x) members
When she looks in the mirror, she doesn't fix any insecurities, nor does she pose. She just stares for a long time
Darkest skin tone out of all the members of f(x)
Her mind went blank on their first performance
Luna thinks she should show more sides of herself in the future
Victoria thinks Luna is the most attractive member of f(x)
Luna always works very hard and doesn't care about her health or body really.
If there is something Luna wants to do, then she does it until she’s satisfied with it and she doesn’t even sleep, but when she does sleep she does something in her dreams.
Luna thinks Sulli is the most attractive member of f(x)
Luna thinks Sulli is really cute and always full of charms and when the members are down she will come and lighten up the atmosphere and also Sulli listens to the members’ problems well.
Luna didn't bow together with the other f(x) members during the 13 September 2009 Inkigayo Interview because she was looking at 2PM's Taecyeon.
She is Kim Jong Min's favourite f(x) member
She is a perfectionist
Her Korean role model is Yoo Mi Rae (Tasha)
Luna's foreign role model is Janet Jackson
Luna's twin sister is older than her.
f(x) member's nicknames for Luna is 'Puppy.'
Luna's best friend and also first every celebrity friend is IU.
Luna's favorite season is autumn/fall.
Whenever Victoria feels emotional, Luna will give her an advice.
Luna thinks SNSD members are like sisters that they've known for a long time and are always there to help f(x).
Luna feels that her voice is the weakest in the family.
Luna loves eating rice.
Luna and Wonder Girls' Hye Lim are good friends since they go to the same school.
Luna's favorite song is Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey’s 'When You Believe”.
Luna's hobbies are watching Chinese movies to learn Chinese language and Chinese musical dance.
Luna's ideal partner is someone who is dedicated towards to their work, loves music and knows how to value it, appearance like Japanese singer/actor Takuya Kimura’s fashion style and has a job like her.
Her whole family is musically inclined
Her desktop wallpaper is a photo of f(x)
If she had a superpower, she would choose healing, because she wants to help people that get sick or hurt
Her usual apparel is big box t-shirts and baggy pants
Her favourite sport is yoga
Her favourite pet is a dog because she loves to take care of puppies!
Her trainee years are from 2006-2009
Her favourite artistes are Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Clara, and BoA
Luna's current dream is to keep on working hard until f(x) becomes an Asian Pop Dance group.
She listens to R&B and African American music alot!
She won first among the members when they were promoting the LG Mobile World Cup. They had to type out many words on a mobile phone as quickly as possible. Her timing is 59 secs
Her stress reliever is chatting with her friends
Chinese is one of her specialities
Many people say she resembles BoA
She wants to meet Chaeyeon
Her other role models are Lee Junhyung, BoA, Whitney Houston, and Brown Eyed Soul
She has a habit of sleeping late
She is also interested in acting
Her favourite foods are strawberries, chocolates, cake, and pizza
Since Luna was young, her alarm clock ring tone is classical music.
Luna's dad loves classical composer Chopin so he would wake them up every morning with the music of Chopin.
Luna prefers songs by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey rather than songs with fast beats.
When f(x) started recording "LA chA TA", Luna was told that she was the only one roaring too much.
Luna can't live without mirror.
Named "muscle idol/horse legs" because of her toned thigh muscles.
She trained herself like her idol BoA during her training years.

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